Monday, June 21, 2010

June 18-19, 2010

This is the 4th annual PricewaterhouseCoopers Wasatch Back Relay team. The athletes ran from Logan to Park City covering over 188 miles of pavement and rough terrain. The team consisted of novice runners, experienced cross country runners, procrastinators, the young, and the young at heart. The team successfully completed the relay in just under 32 hours. A big thanks goes out to all those who made it possible, you know who you are! Congratulations to everyone!

Our starting Time (6:40a.m.)

Our Favorite Songs

Jon Hansen

Leg 1- 7.9 miles "Hard"
Leg 13- 8.5 "Very Hard"
Leg 25 - 4.8 "Easy"
21.2 miles total

1. Most Memorable Experience--The most memorable part of the race was seeing people from our team who have never run before finish all of their legs and not just finish but finish ahead of schedule. A few new PWC 'athletes' were created this weekend.
2. Worst Part--When I missed the one mile shortcut that everybody else running my same leg knew about.
3. Funny story--The funniest part of the race was when Nancy attempted to throw the water bottle across the road and the water bottle landed half way through the first lane (instead of clearing both lanes to us).

Rachel Redeen

Leg 2- 6.7 miles "Hard"
Leg 14- 3 miles "Easy"
Leg 26- 3.3 miles "Easy"
13 miles total

Nancy Ericson

Leg 3- 5.6miles "Moderate"
Leg 15 - 4.9 miles "Moderate"
Leg 27 - 7.9 miles "Hard"
18.4 miles total

1. Most Memorable experience--The people in my van were great. No one complained and everyone was supportive of each other.
2. Funny Story--Taking my first communal shower. Nothing better than showering with a bunch of other naked people. Fabulous experience.
3. Worst part--Sitting in line for the Honey Buckets (port a potties) listening to someone complain and gripe about how far everyone was standing from the portables. After about 10 minutes of this crap (no pun intended) I finally said, "I don't know what's worse. Watching them stand so far away and no one doing anything about it or listening to you complain for 10 minutes." Luckily everyone laughed including him and we had a nice conversation afterward.

Amber Spackman

Leg 4 - 5.1miles "Moderate"
Leg 16- 4.2 miles "Easy"
Leg 28 - 3.8 miles "Easy"
13.1 miles total

Catherine Degn

Leg 5 - 7.2 miles "Very Hard"
Leg 17 - 4.2 miles "Moderate"
Leg 29 - 3 miles "Easy"
14.6 miles total

1.Most Memorable Experience-Finishing my last leg, knowing that I won't have to run anymore.
2. Worst Part-The last 2 miles of leg 5--it was hot, rocky, and at an incline.
3. Funny Story--When Nancy tried to throw a water bottle across the road to us, and instead of it coming to us it went straight up in the air instead.

Chris Ericson

Leg 6- 6.9 miles "Very Hard"
Leg 18 - 8.1miles "Very Hard"
Leg 30 - 3.1 miles "Easy"
18.1 miles total

Van 2

Patti Richter

Leg 7- 4 miles "Easy"
Leg 19-3.8 miles"Moderate"
Leg 31-4.2miles "Easy"
12.0 miles total

1. Most Memorable experience--What a great team we had and of course making it through to the end!
2. Worst part-THE LAST LEG!
3. Funny Story--Todd and the "buns" girl. I'll let Todd explain that one :)

Aaron Torriente
Leg 8-3.4miles "Easy"
Leg20-7 miles "Moderate"
Leg 32 6.1 miles "Moderate"
16.5 miles total

1. Most Memorable Experience-Being so tired and sore by the third leg that I stopped caring about running fast and just enjoyed all the people watching, spraying water, and having a good time.
2. Worst Part-Having stomach issues all night during the second leg. Dehydration.
3. Funny story--a. Multiple mini vans parked too far off the side of the road and watching them slide down the mountain. b. Our van ran out of water/Gatorade with two runner left. We had to ask another group in the parking lot if we could buy some from them. They filled our bottles up for free instead. c. Missed the end of the race because we couldn't get into the canyons in time.

Travis Ringger
Leg 9-3.5 miles "Easy"
Leg 21 9.6miles "Very hard"
Leg 33 3.6 miles "Very Hard"
16.7 miles total

1. Most Memorable Experience--I'm amazed at everyone's toughness! We spend most of our days sitting in front of computer screens and to see coworkers perform so well over a tough course was inspiring.
2. Worst Experience--A lady at the last exchange hit our rental car with her car door, leaving a small chip in the paint. Julie saw it all go down from inside the car. The lady hit us, checked out the damage, then walked away quickly. When I confronted her about it, I explained how I really didn't want to cause a scene but it was a rental and I didn't think it'd be cool to make my company pay for the damage. She told me I was being ridiculous for suggesting she claim responsibility for something that was "clearly an accident" and then told me I should somehow "buff it out" with a magic eraser that I could buy at any grocery store for .50 cents. Believe me, I felt like quite the jerk for refusing to pay for damage inflicted by someone else, and quite the fool for not realizing I could so easily and cheaply deceive the rental company for her momentary lapse of perfection. Luckily, I pressed her and she gave me her contact info. Even luckier, the rental company didn't notice the damage.
3. Thanks goodness "good form" girl had earphones in when the shutter was firing off 10 frames per second!

Julie Torfin
Leg 10-3.6 miles "Easy"
Leg 22-7.7 miles "Hard"
Leg 34-4 miles "Very Hard"
15.3 miles total

1. Most Memorable experience--Teamwork: Travis was my "pacer" to help me make it up the last half mile of the Ragnar leg. He was like a coach, friend, and a Juicy-Juice juicebox holder all in one.
2. Worst Part--Not being able to see our team cross the finish line because the roads to the Canyons were too jam packed.
3. Funny Story--We took pictures of a runner with "good form" and "good uniform" (spandex) at Todd's request. There are more pictures of her than some of our team. Haha!

Chris Pulsipher
Leg 11-3.7miles "Very Hard"
Leg 23-5.5 miles "Moderate"
Leg 35-5.4miles plus 2 miles that were tacked on last minute "Very hard"
16.6 miles total

Todd Stewart
Leg 12-3.1 miles "Very hard"
Leg 24-6.5 miles "Hard"
Leg 36-5.1 miles "Easy"
14.7 miles total